December’s Coffee Connoisseurs

It’s December. That most beautiful and most expensive of months. A time for giving and being thankful. Why not show your thanks to the one you love by giving the gift of coffee for anything from 3-12 months (or keep it for yourself as we tend to do!) with our wonderful coffee connoisseur subscription packages!1334075556749

The Honduran coffee we have for you is a sweet and nutty coffee that regales the drinker with a complexity that belies its origins. Despite this it maintains a balance too, appealing to whatever senses you wish to be stimulated. Fantastic for the newcomer to the coffee world.

UCC_Coffee_bags-150x150La Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras de Honduras (La Central) formed in 1997 with the objectives of direct coffee exportation and rural development. It is a national network of 61 coffee producing cooperative and pre-cooperative groups throughout ten departments of Honduras, representing over 6000 small-to-medium-scale coffee producers and their families.

Interestingly, Honduras as a coffee exporting nation has an unfortunate stigma of producing a below-par standard and that perhaps more care than usual should be paid in quality control. This is due, in part, to the poverty suffered by the populace and the apparent opportunity for financial stability through coffee exportation. Interestingly, the cigar industry of Honduras has a similarly unfortunate tag. Of course, that isn’t to say that a fantastic product such as this one can’t be found!

Next up is the Rwandan. Balance, balance, balance is the key here. Be it fruity notes. Be it acidity. Be it body. This coffee has it all.

sorting-beansRwanda, like its East African neighbours Ethiopia and Kenya, has the atmospheric and geophysical conditions to yield coffees with a diverse and challenging taste, such as this. In 1988 Rwanda  Cooperative  Agency (RCA) launched a confederation of  cooperatives which is charged with educating, advocating and arbitration to improve performance of  cooperatives  in the country. The development came after RCA noticed a tremendous improvement in  cooperatives  despite recent cases of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds in several  cooperatives. Some leaders of  cooperatives  were arrested and ordered to pay back millions of swindled funds.

Unfortunately, the endemic corruption that is widespread in politics and business throughout much of the African states had also perforated the coffee industry there. Cooperatives serve to fight against this. The coffee we have for you today comes from the Missouzi Cooperative, one of the cooperatives who fall under the umbrella of the RCA.

Si – Piccolo, No Sugar

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