November’s Live Music Friday!

We have something very exciting for Live Music Friday next month!

The wonderful John Paul Villafrati has been described as a fictional bluesman, an alt-countryman, a romanticist and folk-troubadour. He is a story-teller who combines his distinctive voice and skilfully woven lyrics to create dramatic soundscapes of vivid drama and depth.

John Paul has been a busy boy in 2012, beginning two recording projects with Lisbon-based producer, Joao Taquelim. ‘Working Our Way West’ is an artistic collaboration themed on the journey West of legendary photographer Edward S Curtis and his attempt to document the last remnants of a dying Native American people. John Paul has created the songs and stories whilst artists, Simon Randall, Carla Smith and Film Ficciones have created the visuals for the exhibition that will be touring the UK. The EP is being launched at the Glee Club on the 19th October but the exhibition with live music  is being launched at our Church St Emporium on 2nd November pulling together the themes of the project; it should be a great start to the weekend.

You can find out more about John Paul on his website.

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