September’s Coffee Connoisseurs

For those of you lucky enough to receive our monthly coffee subscription, you will be pleased to know that we have two crackers which will shortly be winging their way to your desired destination…

First up is the Kenya AA, grown in the high altitudes of Kenya’s highlands and along the Mount Kenya region. Here, the ripe berries are handpicked twice a year with the main picking season running from October to the end of the year, while the second and smaller harvesting season runs from June to early August.

Each coffee lot produced in Kenya undergoes a grading system where the coffee beans are rigorously tested for quality and then sorted into various grades depending on size, weight and shape. Kenya AA coffee, Kenya’s premium grade of coffee, is simply a measure of the size, weight and shape of the bean. The grade sizes, ranging in order from the largest to the smallest, are AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT and T. The rich volcanic soil, temperate climate and seasonal rains combine to produce coffee that is so well balanced it is almost sublime. This one in particular is bursting with bright acidity. Citrus and berry notes tingle the senses and you will also be able to savour a dry, winey after taste. Kenya is famous for its single origin’s and this one is a beauty!

We also have a full bodied Guatemalan Nueva Granada. This relatively small country boasts one of the most climatically diverse growing regions in the world.  The soil, rainfall, humidity, altitude and temperature are varied enough to produce seven distinct types of Guatemala Arabica coffee.

The Nueva Granada is grown in the volcanic highlands of San Marcos. This is the warmest of Guatemala’s coffee growing regions and also has the highest rainfall giving it the earliest flowing of any area.  The altitude ranges from 4,600-6,000 feet with volcanic soil and a microclimate influence from the Pacific Ocean.  The annual rainfall is 4,000-5,000mm and the humidity is between 70-80%. Another coffee with bold acidity, the blackberry flavours fill the cup and are complimented by hints of vanilla, creating a wonderful, satisfying taste.

We hope you enjoy these two beautiful coffees and if any of you have been tempted to join Coffee Cononoisseurs you can find more information here.

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