World Champion to Inspire Urban Coffee Company

After two weeks watching the world’s best athletes ‘inspire a generation’ in London we will soon be borrowing a world champion from the capital to inspire your urbanistas! James Hoffmann, World Barista Champion 2007, will be visiting on Wednesday 10th October to provide training and advice to help ensure that you continue to enjoy the best coffee this side of the moon!

James Hoffmann was the first British winner of the World Barista Championships and has also co-founded Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London. We are very fortunate that he is taking the time to leave his roastery to visit us in Birmingham so we will be keen to show off the burgeoning independent coffee scene in the city and hope to bowl him over with our enthusiasm and passion for coffee!

If you lovely people have anything that you would like us to quiz James on please let your urbansita know. Whether you are not sure what would be the best coffee to order to match your particular taste, you wonder if James enjoys iced coffee or, if you just want to know how much coffee does the world barista champion actually drink?!

James has travelled the world extensively to feed his passion for coffee and has some very interesting thoughts on the benefits of different styles of service within emporiums which we hope to learn from. You can read more from James in his blog – and follow him @jimseven.

We are extremely excited about this opportunity and hope that everyone that enjoys Urban Coffee Company will relish the thought that we are constantly striving to improve what we already consider to be an outstanding coffee. Three years in and we are still bounding forward to keep pace with the constant evolution of the coffee world – we hope you are enjoying the journey as much as us!!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP