3 things…3

To celebrate our 3rd Birthday this week, we’re going to be coming up with 3 things every day that you may not know about Urban Coffee Company, some coffee knowledge, or some great quotes about coffee in general!

Today’s little facts for you;

1. Our Church St customers alone drank roughly 1700kg of coffee in 2011- that’s roughly 100,000 cups of coffee & gone through roughly 12000 litres of milk!

2. It’s a complete myth that a normal cup of coffee is a diuretic. A large chain’s coffee has only 330mg of caffeine – and you have to absorb at least 550mg of caffeine in a single drink to produce dehydrating levels of urine, according to a new review of coffee studies carried out by the US Center for Science in the Public Interest. So you can count your morning cup of coffee as part of your daily water requirement.

3. ‘There’s no such thing as a normal coffee…’ – (Simon Humes)

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