July Coffee Connoisseurs

So it’s that time of the month again where we get to talk about what coffee we have for July’s coffee connoisseurs (and a small bit of history about each of them). Shortly arriving to you will be a Brazil pulped natural and a beautiful Rwandan.

Brazil is instantly the most recognisable name in coffee as it is the largest coffee producing nation in the world. Coffee plantations covers about 10,000 sq mi. of the country; of the approximately six billion trees, 74% are arabica and 26% robusta. The states São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Paraná are the largest producers due to suitable landscapes, climate and rich soil. Most plantations are harvested in the dry seasons of June through September.

Like in other coffee-producing countries, Brazil has a large population involved in the crop. Some 3.5 million people are involved in the industry, mostly in rural areas, which generates seven million indirect and direct jobs. The industry is divided in two distinct groups, ground-roasted coffee and instant coffee, operating with different structures and competitive patterns. The ground coffee market is highly competitive with over 1000 firms in 2001. In contrast, the instant coffee market is highly concentrated with the four major firms accounting for 75% of the market. A chocolatey nutty coffee, with low acidity and a good level of sweetness.

Rwandan coffee is grown in the south of Rwanda at coordinates roughly 7 miles from the capital, Kigali. The project began in the Maraba District of Butare Province, but these entities were replaced under local government organisation in 2006, and the area is now part of Huye District in the Southern Province. The area is very hilly, due to its proximity to the Western Rift Valley and the montane Nyungwe Forest, and features rich volcanic soils. The majority of this falls during the rainy season of March to May,the major coffee harvesting season. The high altitude lowers the temperature slightly to an average of about 20 °C and there is little seasonal variation. Think cranberries and fruit whilst tasting this very well rounded coffee, with body-acidity-sweetness in equal parts.

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