Get ready for some foot stomping #LiveMusicFriday action!

It has been a  couple of months since the last #LiveMusicFriday and we thought we’d welcome it back with a BANG. So we went on the hunt for something special. You’ll all be glad to know we’ve done it! We have tracked down one very special band made up of 3 very special guys. The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry are a band of malingering reprobates – Doc DW, Queasy Joe, and one Tatum Perry – who bring the finest in roots Americana to the listening public, via diverting live performances and a currently homeless discursive internet radio show.

We will have great drink offers, we are back working with Purity Brewery again properly and they are now supplying us with fantastic organic and local cider and the lovely Veltins Pilsner! We also have wines and fingers crossed the weather behaves itself and we can get the Pimms out (exciting!)

Meanwhile , by all means check out the “ The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry’s” website where you can listen to some of their tunes (or even buy their CD). Also, for anyone who’s interested The Brave Sons… are made up of two further bands – Mellow Peaches and Dan Hartland . Just click on the link for more details.

This really is going to be a great #LiveMusicFriday and this band is definitely worth coming out to see. Make sure you keep checking the blog and Facebook event for more info!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP