CBD Food Festival

Over July 13th & 14th we were lucky enough to run a coffee stall on Victoria Square as part of the CBD Food Festival. Over the course of 2 days Rich spent his time carefully brewing freshly made Hario v60 filters and Aeropress using various single origin coffees from Union Roasted. If you were lucky enough to get one, these were literally some of the most delicious coffees Birmingham had ever tasted. Rich, Simon, Danny and Bex proudly served Genesis Microlot, West Valley, Costa Rica (bright, red berries, toasted hazelnut,dried apricot and sweet. The body is syrupy and leaves a rounded lingering aftertaste) and the Harrar Sundried, Harrar, Ethiopia (seductive floral fragrance with hints of spice is immediately recognisable yielding to the tangy, deep chocolatey, body and defined winy, almost gamey edge) amongst many other fantastic coffees throughout the festival.

Rich consistantly brewed cup after beautiful cup of filter for the general public and stall holders alike, the whole time showing what good brewed filter coffee is all about. It’s really not difficult at all to create a great cup of coffee in your own home, here’s a nice and easy to use v60 brew guide for any budding enthusiasts.

What turned out to be a fantastic few days filled with food, coffee, beer, gin and music, it was great to see so many friendly faces including Jojolapa, Purnell’s, Jekyll&Hyde, Chi Bar, The Wellington, Asha’s, Old Joint Stock, Opus and of course the ever-wonderful staff-favourite, Anderson&Hill.


Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP