So, you wanna’ be a (Mail)boxer?

It’s been just over a month since the launch of the ‘pod’ inside The Mailbox, and we’re still going strong! Following the hugely successful ‘Birmingham Made Me‘ and ‘Idea Birmingham‘ events (in which we were nominated for the ‘Best Emerging Brand’ award!) more and more continue to choose Urban Coffee Co for their morning pitstop and lunch-time refuel, and with good reason too…

With a wide range of drinks, serving wonderfully well-rounded espresso, The Mailbox is lapping up more than it’s fair share of Flat Whites! Currently using the fantasic seasonal espresso blend ‘Bright Note’ consisting of Brazil Fazenda Fortaleza (for smoothness and tones of cocoa and sweet hazelnut) and Liberacion, Guatemala (for spice and sweet lemon).

In a rush at breakfast? We have croissant & pain au chocolat for only £3 with a drink, and how about some Nutella or jam on the side? For those with a real sweet-tooth we’ve got you covered, creamy Hot Chocolate and beautiful Chai Tea Latte, with muffins, tray-bake slices and cupcakes ready to keep you going throughout your busy afternoons!

As that wasn’t enough, the ‘pod’ offers single estate filter coffee via V60 or Aeropress, giving a crisp, clean finish and in recent weeks producing some stunning coffees, in particular Ethiopia Harrar and Colombia Timana.

Monday – Friday 8am-3.30pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am-6pm

If you haven’t been yet go and say hey to Aaran and Katie, either on your way to work or if even if you’re out to have a mooch around some lovely shops, just don’t forget to grab a cheeky ‘flattie’ on your way ;-)

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP