June Coffee Connoisseurs

So it’s that time of the month again for our subscribers of Coffee Connoisseurs and we have two coffees that are more on the side of fresh acidity than deep body this time round. We have a single estate Colombian and a Single Estate Kenyan; the Colombian has slightly more body than the Kenyan with a citric burst of flavour that fades softly, where as the Kenyan is quite intense and shorter than the Colombian.

With the advent of the FNC which is a Farmers Coffee Association, Colombia has made strides with Coffee. The FNC not only encourages reinvestment into coffee but has also been responsible for; 12000 Aquaducts built, 19000 classrooms for 188 students, 1000km of road and 500 hospitals and health centres caring for over 3 million people. If you would like to learn more about the Colombian FNC please visit their website-it’s full of interesting articles about sustainability and renovation through Coffee.

Kenyan Coffee reaped huge rewards when the Coffee boom started but sadly, as of late, has taken a turn for the worst as organised crime has slowly but surely edged its way into the frame. Organised mobs have been raiding farms and selling coffee on to licensed millers as a kilo of coffee in Kenya will fetch more money than most workers can earn in a week. This is merely a touch of what happens in the countries where we source our beans from and shows you a small snippet of what can and routinely does happen before the beans even reach our shores.

We buy from reputable sources within the UK, so our Kenyan is unaffected by the ongoing trouble in Kenya. This kind of problem is rife in many countries where growing coffee is big money and its always good to stay abreast of the political developments of these coffee growing countries to stay aware of what can go into bringing coffee to you.

Hope you enjoy this months coffee subscription, and if there is any coffee that you would particularly like us to source for you to try out please do not hesitate to email!

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur


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