May Coffee Connoisseurs

So this months coffee connoisseurs is a Guatemalan St Nicholas Estate and an Indonesian Sumatra that are both very diverse against each other…

The Guatemalan growing regions vary in their potential cup quality: many have sufficient altitude, soil and climate conditions. Antiguas are well-known and highly rated. Huehuetenango from the north highland can be exceptional and have distinct fruit flavors. Coban, Fraijanes and Quiche can be nice, but they need to be cupped carefully: they can have a nice cup but sometimes less complexity and depth

In the past, Sumatra coffees have not been sold by region, because presumably the

regional differences are not that distinct. Rather, the quality of the picking, preparation and processing of the coffee determines much of the cup character in this coffee. In fact, Sumatras are sold as Mandheling (Mandailing) which is simply the Indonesian ethnic group that was once involved in coffee production

The difference of the two cups is night and day the balanced Guatamalan against the light acidity of the Sumatran really offset each other.

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