April Coffee Connoisseurs

This months two coffees are both from the same region, both are Brazil Daterra but different varieties. The first is a Yellow Bourbon (the coffee cherries are Yellow when Ripe) and the second coffee is a Daterra Sunrise (named sunrise due to the fact that the coffee grows on the side of the hill that the sun rises)

Daterra’s plantations are located at an average altitude of 3,800 ft (1,150 m) under a stable temperature of around 70ºF (25ºC). The plantations, settled in different areas, are divided into 215 mini- farms and further subdivided into 2.816 blocks called “quadras”, each of which is planted with a specific coffee variety. This plantation system ensures accurate monitoring and constant traceability of each quadra’s historic track of rainfall, cultivation procedures and productivity.

Both of these coffees make good ristrettos and the Yellow Bourbon was used by Howard Barwick at last years UK Barista Championships. The Yellow Bourbon has a almost sweet chocolate taste to it incorporating a slightly spiced edge, and the sunrise variety has a Vanilla and Caramel edge to it. It’s very interesting to have both of these coffees side by side to compare and contrast the difference of two coffees from the same place.

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Coffee Connoisseur

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