March’s Coffee Connoisseurs

So this months Coffee Connoisseurs is a coffee from El Salvador and a coffee from Honduras. Honduras has got a relatively new reputation as a home of good coffee… previously it had a reputation as a place that grew cheap arabica for quick money but all that is changing rapidly, initiatives such as cup of excellence are helping Honduras redefine what it is known for in the coffee world. Most of the best lots in Honduras are situated along the coastal region from Cortes in the north all the way down to La Paz in the south.

Our second coffee is from El Salvador and is an interesting region; for a while it was known for its neglected coffee industry yet it had the perfect individual components to produce high quality coffee. However, due to an instable political climate and civil wars, its coffee industry was highly damaged at the time. Now, of course, that’s a different story-in fact many incredible coffees come from El Salvador (think La Illusion Bourbon).

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Rich – Coffee Connoisseur

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