This Valentine’s day we’ve fallen in love…. With local cakes.

As a special treat for Valentine’s Day we’ll be getting a few delicious locally baked cakes in from one of our favourite bakers, the lovely Miss Baker Beth Hopkins!

Based in Moseley her cakes use  free range eggs, ethically sourced & (where ever possible) local ingredients to create good old-fashioned delicious treats.

Beth started her baking career as the in-house baker at Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath before going solo.  This week Beth’s baked us a very special Chocolate and Rose frosted Triple Layer Chocolate Cake and a sumptuous Red Velvet Cake. This Valentine’s Day grab a slice for that special someone,whether it’s an ‘I love you’, a last minute ‘Sorry I forgot… again’ or even a little treat at lunch for the most important person in the world .  YOU.

And, we use little in the loosest possible term here. Beth’s not in to “slivers” of cakes after all.  Come get your piece, just £4.50 for a large drink and a real grown up’s slice of cake.

There really are worse things to fall in love with than a good local cake you know! To find out more about Baker Beth check out her website.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP