February’s Coffee Connoisseurs

So, another month floats by, which means that Coffee Connoisseurs is on its way out to those fortunate enough to partake in it! I have had the pleasure of sourcing a Guatemalan Nueva Granada Monte Flor and a Malawi Panwamba Estate. The Guatemalan is from a small community that is reaping the rewards of the coffee industry as we speak – the influence of trading coffee has built new schools, paid for new equipment and given a better life to the people of Nueva Granada. This can only be a good thing and it’s good to highlight the people that we don’t see. The coffee itself is quite bright to start and then rolls into blueberry notes with a deep smoky and winey aftertaste. I tried it out with a V60: 17g for 150ml. This brought out a fairly balanced cup but if you wanted to bring out the acidity a bit more, then I would up the dosage a little and make it slightly more coarse.

The second coffee is the Malawi Panwamba Estate. This is AA Graded which is the highest graded coffee and the Panwamba estate is between 1700 and 2000 meters and has an optimal coffee growing climate between 10-22c. This one is very soft on the palate with hints of vanilla and hazelnut with a short intense aftertaste. Brew it similarly to the previous coffee and adjust to taste. To all those people that haven’t yet signed up… just click here-you won’t be disappointed!

(Oh, and throw away the instant!!!)

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur

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