Our New Filters: Part 3, San Jeronimo Bourbon

Extravagance is here, shut the doors turn the fire up and wait for the fat guy to fall down the chimney with gifts, your clothes are getting tighter and there are more layers going on – this is the time when you break out the big guns…and speaking of big guns… (see what I did there?!)… try our most decadent filter (and might I add the one that keeps on selling out!) the San Jeronimo Bourbon from Costa Rica.

The small group that deals with this production is comprised of 7 families, nestled into Chirripo National Park close to the border of Panam. They represent 40 people who all work together to produce the coffee for San Jeronimo de Chirripo Micromill. The solis family had always sold their coffee into the regional co-operative but one member of the family. Mario Quiros was aware that his small farm and those of the other related families were at a greater elevation that other coffee producers in the region and would have th potential to produce higher quality. In 2009 they constructed their own micromill to enable them to process their own coffee cherry and keep it segregated.

This quality-driven “micro-mill enterprise” that has emerged in Costa Rica by small farmers producing limited volumes from a defined farm has become much more widespread in recent years. Coffee producers who are taking total control of the post harvest process, seperating their daily lots, milling it themselves, managing quality at every step of the process to enable them to create the best possible flavours and getting higher sustainable prices.

At San Jeronimo the manager of the mill is Roy Solis Blanco who ensures that attention to detail is maintained at each step. The parchment coffee is sun dried on raised african beds, coffee pulp is composted using the California worms to provide organic materials and a rich source of compost nutrients for the coffee trees.

Fresh acidity, very clear on the palette, layers of citrus , then rolling into black tea and a dark cherry finish.

This coffee was directly sourced and supplied to us from the guys at Union Hand Roasted Coffee an artisan roaster who directly trade all of their coffees from the top 2% of the worlds crop, roasted by hand to always guarantee the best flavour.

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur

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