Our New Filters: Part 1, Fazenda Ambiental Fortalenza

It is the end of November and as the nights draw in and our eyes ache towards the sheer backlog of mince pies that have somehow found themselves into the kitchen some of you might be wondering what you should be putting in your mouths that’s not sweet or alcoholic…well we have single handedly taken that worry out of your hands, you may have known that the talk of the town recently has been Urban Coffee’s new V60 filters and new Union Single Estates and Microlots to go along with it….well… I thought I would take the time out to break down each one of those over the coming days and explain the origins of them all.

We have a new Brazilian Fazenda Ambiental Fortalenza, n.e. sao paulo the people producing this lovely coffee is the Barretto Croce family of Fortalenza, Since 2001 the family has transitioned their farm towards ‘more than organic’ which means that coffee trees grow naturally without pruning or artificial inputs, Indigenous trees are planted among the coffee so that eventually a forest like canopy develops to nurture the coffee trees as well as create an environment for diverse species of plants an animals.

The coffee is created from small producer farms in one of the best producing regions in brazil that includes the neighbours of Fazenda. They share a common vision to produce excellent coffees and commitment to sustainable agriculture, reducing the harmful effects of humans on the planet.

These small farms are collectivley called ‘Bob-o-Link’ and are co-ordinated by Fortalenza Environment Fortress Farm who support these smallholder located high in the mountains with agronomy training and market access. Their coffees are picked selectivley and carefully dried on terraces by the farmers with final dry mill preperations at Fortalenza.

The Fragrance is a fruity banana with milk cocoa on the nose. The cup has florals with a velvet milk chocolate and caramel body. The acidity is very gentle in the malic family with pear-type notes. The sweetness of this coffee makes for a rich taste that lingers smoothly in the aftertaste.

This coffee was directly sourced and supplied to us from the guys at Union Hand Roasted Coffee an artisan roaster who directly trade all of their coffees from the top 2% of the worlds crop, roasted by hand to always guarantee the best flavour.

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur

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