November’s Coffee Connoisseurs

Shazam…Boom and almost good tidings…we are in the build up to Christmas here at Urban and aside from perhaps the very exciting news about our brand new V60s and Union Single Estates we are also excited for this months Coffee Connoisseurs hurtling its way towards you at breakneck speeds. This month in the red corner we have a beautifully complex Papua New Guinea that is smooth, acidic and has a very gorgeous red wine-like aftertaste that really gets you going in the right direction towards Christmas. And in the Blue corner we have a Brazilian Bourbon that unlike the Papua New Guinea has a rather delicate complexity that comes as a very interesting counter balance to the PNG starkness of flavour. Its gentle layered mouth-feel is heightened by its acidic overtones and beautifully structed low notes that range from vanilla to burnt caramel. Also its worth noting that our Coffee subscriptions make a very good hassle free Christmas present so make sure you beat the queues and sign up via the glory of the internet… meaning more time for you to enjoy your own subscription!

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur

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