Jazz on Church St

This Sunday we are very pleased to present the first Jazz @ Church Street event, and are very fortunate to be able to showcase the trombone player Tom Dunnett and his trio.

Jazz is a musical tradition that developed in America & soon spread to the rest of the world through the 20th Century. It is the opinion of many academics and practitioners that it is the only musical form that can be attributed to the USA alone.

Some truly luminary artists and thinkers have risen to prominence through the jazz movement and over the coming months we plan to not only showcase the work of local musicians, but to also point you in the direction of landmark works that will guide our way through the journey that jazz has taken in the past century or so.

Tom Dunnett:

Tom is now in his 3rd year on the jazz course, studying trombone at the Birmingham Conservatoire. He’s had some great opportunities to make music since his move to Birmingham and has played in all sorts of groups from big band to quartet. This latest creation, a drum-less trio, features two friends from college. Doug Mcmillan is also in his 3rd year, studying jazz guitar and is a member of the latest winning band at the Cork “Jazz Futures” competition. Hamish Livingstone completed his bass studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire last year and now plays with a many ensembles around Birmingham. He was also a member of the winning band at Cork.

Further Gigs: 

Hamish can be seen on the 25th at the Spotted Dog Pub in Digbeth with the Jim Wynn nonet playing the music of Miles Davis.
He can also be seen at the Old Joint Stock Pub on the 26th with the Gareth Fowler trio.

Tom can be seen on the 10th October at the Edgbaston Tap Pub with his quintet.


Si. (Flat White no Sugar) 

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP