Cups & Saucery

WUrban Coffee Cupe think we have the cutest cups in Coffee land already but wanted to give them a tech upgrade. So we proudly present Urban Coffee Co Cup 2.0 which features the same handle for holding, the same opening at the top for drinking the best coffee but now fitted with a new saucer. When you lift your cup you will find a Quick Response (QR) code on selected saucers.

What’s a QR code I hear you cry?

A QR code is just like the barcode you find on the back of all products that you scan in the supermarket. The difference is you can scan this code yourself with a smart phone (iPhone, Android or Blackberry) and it will automatically launch a web browser on your phone and take you to Urban Coffee Co’s latest blog post. You will need a QR scanner on your smart phone to try it out and you can download an app from our friends at QRky.

iPhone QR scanner
Android QR scanner


In the coming few months we will also be running competitions and giving away free stuff for those that scan our saucer QR codes, happy scanning!

Simon – Americano, black, no sugar

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