July’s Book Club…

It was a hoppin’ time at July’s book club, as the group discussed the children’s classic Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Telling the tale of a group of human-like rabbits, possessing their own language and culture, who break away from their warren to go in search of a new place to call home after a warning from one of the group who can see into the future. Temptation and peril await, including threats from humans and other rabbits alike. Despite being a children’s book, Watership Down is quite a hefty read and, provided plenty to talk about.

The group was split on whether they enjoyed reading a fantasy novel about rabbits, with some finding the book difficult to get into and not managing to read much at all. Others found the dark, political undertones of the book similar to 1984 and really enjoyed it. One member had a picture book to accompany the film and found the portrayal of the rabbits’ culture in it much easier to understand than the novel.

Overall a mixed bag of thoughts on it, even from those that had previously read it.

August’s book is the Orange Prize for Fiction winner, The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht. We’ll be meeting on Thursday 25th August at 6pm in the Church St branch. All are welcome – even if you don’t finish the book. For more information, visit our Facebook page


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