Coffee at Home – Another Plea!

Hello once again to you avid Urban Coffee Company blog readers! We have written before with tips on drinking good coffee at home and in the office, but we’re certain there are still some of you out there who are still drinking and buying into the evils of instant! Did you know that you can just as easily create a good quality coffee at home with fresh coffee as you can with freeze dried instant? Well how?! I hear you shout.

There are a number of ways, but the first way we are going to look into is the French Press (Cafétière). This is one of the most easily accessible methods the world over.

What you will need:-

A French Press

A mug (usually holds about 300ml)

21-23g course ground coffee (dosage is dependant on taste)

Scales! (makes the process more consistent)

93-97 degree water (off the boil is fine!)

Place the French Press on the scales with the coffee inside, and pour 300ml water onto the grounds (scales really do make a difference, checking everything by eye can be misleading). Leave the coffee to steep for around 4 minutes. Once this has been done you should then break the bloom up by pushing down through the coffee with a spoon and scoop off the residue slurry of coffee grounds. This will make it a cleaner cup of coffee and will encourage a more even press. Now you can push down on the old plunger…if it’s slightly hard and there’s too much resistance then you may have ground the coffee too fine.

At the end of it you should be left with a clean crisp coffee, which you can triumphantly raise in the face of the gods of Nescafé and emphatically state, ‘I am s/he, the ruler of home coffee’.

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur

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