Urban Answers

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post to thank everyone who took part in Urban Answers yesterday. We had a great day of filming and your videos should be out by the middle part of next week. so stay tuned.

A special Thank you goes to:

Laura Creaven @lauracreaven for asking: Which of your cake range goes best with which of your coffees (including the filters)

Jon Knight @syntheticbrian: Rather than iced coffee would you ever consider doing cold distilled coffee

Greg Dash @gregdash: Why did you choose to go for Kopi Luwak coffee as over say a Cup Of Excellence coffee?

Paul Woodford @paul_woodford: What’s the best way to make an iced coffee drink?

@theaardvark asked: I have an espresso maker at home. Other than espressos, what are the easy coffee drinks I can make?

@evilgordon asked: What’s the best way of making the best coffee at home without a fancy machine??

Thank you to @martin3141 and others who joined in to answer that question also.

Thanks also to Heather Ramsden on Facebook who wanted to know our opinion on Coffee Joulies an innovation in regulating temperature. We were unable to capture the answers on video but we will post you one on Facebook.

Thanks to Miguel Alicante who also asked a similar question.

Until the next time, we hope you enjoy the videos.

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