Up at the ‘craic’

We’re used to getting up at the ‘craic’ of dawn to serve up your favourite morning cup, but Urbanista Alan was up extra early today for a special coffee mission – fuelling Birmingham’s breakfast show presenters with some St. Patrick’s Day treats.
From 6am special Bailey’s infused cupcakes and steaming hot filter coffees were delivered to BRMB, 102.2 Capital FM, 100.7 Heart FM and BBC WM – giving a little extra perk to the morning’s blarney.

Alan even managed to rustle up a decaf latte for Rachel New from Heart, although we’re not sure how she manages to be so cheery that early every day without an industrial dose of caffeine!

At 7am we made a final trip round to our friends at TheBusinessDesk.com, located just round the corner from our Church Street emporium. Although Tamlyn Jones initially showed the cynicism of a seasoned hack (“Free coffee? What’s the catch?!”) his colleague Duncan Tift – recently crowned Business Journalist of the Year at the Midlands Media Awards – reassured him that there IS such a thing as a no-strings freebie occasionally.

We’ll be serving up St Paddy’s day themed cupcakes all day at Church Street and JQ.

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