Kopi Luwak

Have you ever wondered what the world’s rarest and most exotic coffee would taste like? Well the wait is over (actually not really, Jamie is still playing around with it a bit but we wanted to be dramatic) but yes the coffee is here all the way from Sumatra, Indonesia. Produced from the finest Arabica beans and the Wild Luwak (Asian Palm Civet) from the mountains of central Sumatra, Kopi Luwak is here at Urban.

Since the 17th century the Indonesian island of Sumatra has enjoyed an international reputation for the superior quality and flavour of its coffee. And one little beast knows how good the coffee is more than most… The Luwak is a discriminating animal only eating the most ripe and sweetest coffee berries. After the Luwak swallows the berries, they ferment in the digestive system where a unique combination of stomach enzymes break down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste. The inner beans are then passed intact encased in their protective hulls, then collected, thoroughly cleaned, dried and lightly roasted to preserve their complex flavours.

We are very proud to have Kopi Luwak in stock. Jamie is working out the best way to brew this rare gem….at the moment it’s a head to head battle between the Aeropress and French Press methods. As soon as this is decided we will let you know. We really can’t wait!



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