New year, new you, new coffee!

I couldn’t think of a new years resolution this year… My problem is I don’t want to go in to the new year, head still aching from the night before, staring at 2011 like it’s a monster which is about to devour me. No, I wanted a resolution which was going to make our life better while at the same time being relatively easy.

Could such a thing exist?

It was Monday, I was sitting down drinking a cup of something someone had called coffee somewhere in the city centre… I wont mention it’s name (I think I’d face work place bullying if anyone found out, and I’d deserve it, I checked with ACAS and everything). However, it suddenly dawned on me what my resolution should be: “ I resolve never to pay for a rubbish coffee again” .

Yippee!!! And, guess what, there really is no need, after all real coffee is too good a thing to miss. From the sweet Crema of the Espresso to the velvety smooth foam of the perfect Cappuccino. Oh be still my beating heart… So yes, that’s my Resolution, and what’s more I think everyone should join in….

Please, please, please join me and say “I refuse to pay for dishwater.” I’m not just saying you should all just come to Urban (although, when in Birmingham you wont find a better cup) but, wherever you go. Search out that best cup of coffee, search for that little independent with a great buzz and great service. Lets not take the easiest option-it just ends with us all sitting on generic chairs, drinking our generic drinks in a generic setting; the human equivalent to elephants at the waterhole…. life is too too short for that.

I got back to the office on Tuesday, still excited about the thought of finding the perfect resolution and I though to myself , ‘How can we help?’  How can Urban Coffee Company help all our lovely customers stick to their fantastic resolution?

We came up with the disloyalty scheme. If you get rid of your old loyalty cards from your other haunts we will transfer those stamps on to one of our cards … Can’t get fairer then that can you!!!

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone and may your whole year be filled with great coffee.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP