September Book Club

There was a great turn out for August’s book club, despite the weather! We had several new faces and a great discussion about Kazuo Ishiguro’s haunting novel, ‘Never Let Me Go’.

‘Never Let Me Go’ is a novel set in dystopian Britain and tells the story of narrator Kathy H’s time at secluded boarding school, Halisham, and her subsequent adult life after leaving. Kathy reflects back on the idyllic life at Halisham and her current role as a “carer” for donors, some of whom are her childhood friends. The nature of these donations is slowly explained throughout the novel.

There was an almost unanimous love for the book; with most feeling that the subtle yet lingering dystopian setting really allowed the groups to draw parallels with everyday life. The lack of description of the characters appearance and the slowly unfurling explanation of what made them different and the purpose of their life made the book all the more haunting. Additional themes of the meaning of art, the nature of love and parallels between battery and free-range farming really provoked some interesting discussion. The group felt that the overall message seemed to implore people not to waste their life.

Finally, several members of the book club over the months have asked whether there is an online group they can join to let us know if they can’t make the meet ups or carry on the discussion. So, one has finally been set up;

Please feel free to suggest new books on there, share links, carry on the discussion or generally chat with book group members outside the meetings.

The next book will be Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, discussed upstairs at Urban Coffee Company at 6pm on Thursday 30th September. All are welcome!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP