Perfect Urban Coffee using a cafetiere

Here is the Urban Coffee Company guide to making the perfect coffee using a cafetiere. The beauty of a cafetiere is you can do this at home or in the office and get a great cup of coffee. If you want coffee delivered to your door every month then sign up to our coffee subscriptions.

What you need?

1x cafetiere (also known as a French press)
1x cup
1x timer
1x kettle
1x bag of Urban Coffee filter

Step by Step

Step 1
Fill and boil the kettle (with fresh water) then tip a cup full of boiling water into the cafetiere to make sure it is clean. You don’t want any old coffee in the cafetiere to taint the perfect coffee you are about to make. The boiling water also pre-heats the cafetiere.

Step 2
Open your sealed coffee and take 25g out for each cup (approx 2 heaped dessert spoons) and place it in the bottom of the cafetiere. It’s really important you use fresh coffee so no older than 2 weeks.

Step 3
Use the water from the kettle that you boiled in step 1. Don’t use boiling water you must wait 30 seconds or so after boiling, boiling water will scorch the coffee. Tip the water into the cafetiere covering the coffee, fill up to the natural line on the cafetiere.

Step 4
Give the coffee a gentle stir and top up with water if required.

Step 5
Add the plunger back on the top but DONT plunge.

Step 6

Set the timer for 4 minutes and start it.

Step 7
When the timer goes off you can start to plunge. Plunge nice and slowly in one continous motion until you reach the bottom.

Step 8
Warm the cups by swilling them with boiling water.

Step 9
Now pour the coffee into the cups and you have yourself a perfect cup of Urabn Coffee cafetiere coffee

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