Our ‘Coffee King?!’

Right, we have finally come to the point where we are ready to give a title to the Urbanista who has stood out for us the most in the past year!

However, before we give this grand title to the lucky one, we must come up with the extremely important task of what this title shall be!

All suggestions welcome, or if you want to vote for one of ours then go for it!

We’ve come up with the following;

Chief Coffee Connoisseur, Chief Connoisseur, Master of Coffee, Coffee Chief, Chief Urbanista, Emporium Emperor, Head Urbanista, Coffee Wizard, Coffee Guru, Supreme Coffee Connoisseur, Chief Lover of Coffee, Chief Producer of the Best Coffee This Side Of The Moon, Chief Maker of Coffee Magic, Ubiquitous Coffee Connoisseur, 1st Duke of Coffee, His Excellency, Chairman of Coffee, Coffee Snob, Commander of Coffee, Major Coffee Maker, Omniscient Coffee Maker, Coffee Know-it-All

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