Storing your Urban Coffee at home

Since lots of our customers are now buying our coffee to have at home in their filter machines or cafetieres, we thought we would share our hints and tips on how to store the coffee.

So the first thing to note is that mositure and air is the enemy of coffee, it’s a bit like how Gremlins are with light. So the fridge is the last place you should store your coffee.

Here is our guide to buying and storing Urban Coffee:

1- Only buy in small quantities so you can use it inside 1 or 2 weeks. Coffee starts to loose its freshness as soon as its roasted so get it as fresh as possible. We have fresh coffee from our roastery delivered every week so we can grind you a bag of fresh coffee each week. It’s important to note that our particular coffee is at its best when it’s just under a week old-think of it having time to ‘mature’.

2- Remove it from the foil bag it comes in and put it into an air tight plastic container. Try and put it into multiple containers so you only have to open one at a time to prevent contact with the air.

3- Store the container in the coolest and darkest cuboard you have. So keep it away from the oven and a cupboard that gets direct sunlight.

Now you can enjoy your coffee without it loosing its optimum taste too quickly. Urban Coffee provides all its filter coffees in 250g bags starting at £4.50 per bag, just pop in and ask for some coffee for home and we will grind it there and then for you.

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