Diary of a barista girl- part 2

Firstly I have to apologise for the delay in my blog! Unfortunately I had my computer go walkabout with someone I have never met before grrrrr oh well but on the plus side I’ve got some good coffee stories…

So I have been studying long hours and of course I can not do this without my coffee, so I asked a few local Boston residents if they knew of any good coffee places. I can honestly say that 4 of them recommended, wait for it…Starbucks!! Shock and horror fell through me and I think from the pale expression on my face they knew that was a ‘NO GO’ area for me!!

So I ended up finding a little coffee place on the corner of a dainty road and went inside looking very hopeful. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and asked if I could have a flat white. Well, I soon realised that wasn’t going to happen when she looked at me and said we can do a filter coffee or a cappuccino . Poor old me stuck to the cappuccino that was made out of a machine that you press a button for (don’t get me started). I had 2 sips and then I was done.

So the moral of this part of the blog is…

1) Don’t leave your laptop where it can go walkabouts and
2) Urban is still number 1 in my eyes for coffee after week 4 of being away!

Hannah, Latte 2 sugars xoxox

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP