>Diary of a Barista Girl: Part 1

>Well, my thirsty coffee lovers…!

I finally landed down in the motherland of McDonalds and boy you can’t miss them, they are everywhere!

In my delirious jet lagged state I made the mistake of going to the nearest coffee shop there was available and I concluded two things from doing so:

Firstly, the size of a small to Americans would be the size of a goldfish bowl to us-not bad. Second being that the coffee was hideous! I can’t say too much yet because for one it was from the airport and two it was from one of those big filter pots!

So onwards and upwards I am hoping from here on in. My next stop is New Hampshire where I am going to visit a couple of friends. New Hampshire is a beautiful state and that I can’t deny. I am a little nervous for what I may find there as already a moose has nearly hit the car I was in. Interesting. And also lets say the Waltons are springing to my mind. But damn the food portions are good!

So my mission to find a good coffee continues…

Hannah, Latte 2 sugars xuxc

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP