Free Compost!

We here at Urban Coffee Company want to encourage you all to recycle the tons of coffee grounds we produce each week. Coffee grounds are approximately 1.45% nitrogen. They also contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. They are absolutely brilliant in your garden or in you pot plants and even better, their FREE!

Here are a few suggestions of how to use coffee grounds when your gardening:
1. They are full of nitrogen so put them in your compost bin.

2. Add grounds directly to the soil in your garden. You can scratch it into the top couple inches of soil, or just sprinkle the grounds on top and leave it alone.

3. Use them to prevent slugs attacking your plants. The coffee grounds are acidic and so sprinkle around your precious plants to fend off those slimy creatures.

4. Add two cups of used coffee grounds to a five-gallon bucket of water. Leave it overnight and then you can use it as a liquid fertilizer.

5. Add coffee grounds to your worm bin. Worms love coffee grounds! Add some to your worm bin every week or so. Just don’t add too many at once, because the acidity could bother your worms. A cup or so of grounds per week for a small worm bin is perfect.

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