Flat White – What’s the fuss?

You could be forgiven for thinking Flat White is a new coffee drink that’s only just arrived on our shores. Well it’s not! It originates from Australia and New Zealand and has been around for years. Urban Coffee has been serving it from day 1 and all Urbanistas are trained to make them.

So why have the high street chains suddenly introduced it to their menu? Well Starbucks introduced it in December 2009 & Costa in January 2010. Now I don’t think that is a coincidence, I would suggest that Costa planned their launch first and Starbucks got wind of it and beat them to it. But why introduce it at all? Well the cynic in me would suggest that they are now realising that there is not much difference between the high street coffee chains and they needed something to differentiate them from each other. But the two chains, by both introducing the Flat White, have cancelled out any differentiation so the status quo remains.

Our approach is to have a superb product with superb service-that’s how we roll at Urban Coffee!

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