Our Daniel is a bit of a nutcase…

Hello, I’m Daniel.

You’ll generally find me behind the counter at Urban Coffee from Wednesdays through the weekend. I’ve been asked to write a short paragraph to introduce 10 things you (hopefully) won’t already know about me. If you did already know these things about me, we probably need to have a little chat…

Here they are:

1. I Speak Welsh. (My favorite two words in Welsh are Bara Brith).
2. If I was a crayon, I’d be orange
3. I have lived in both the UK’s biggest and smallest cities
4. Worked in Buenos Aires & Christchurch, NZ.
5. Likes eating Urban Coffee’s left-over porridge for lunch
6. Believes that vegetables are at their best when they’re steamed.
7. Has 28 pairs of socks, which is, incidentally, the amount of years he has lived
8. People in animal costumes make him laugh
9. Favourite Joke: Why aren’t there any pain killers in the jungle? Because the parrots-eat-’em-all.

10. I Support Swansea City Football Club.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP