How to tell if your getting a good cup of coffee?

We order coffees in many different venues, be it a pub, a restaurant or a coffee shop, but how do we know we are getting a good cup? Well probably the most important factor is whether it tastes good; if you enjoy it then it’s a good coffee.

But if you want to be more of a connoisseur then follow this simple guide:

1- Ask your server where the coffee comes from. If they don’t know then chances are the organisation doesn’t care enough about their coffee to train their staff. So price was probably the main driver for coffee choice. Knowlegable staff

2- Ask the server if they have a choice of coffee (i.e. different blends of espresso or different filter coffees). Again, if they only have the one then do they really understand coffee? Its like opening the wine list to find a choice of one. Choice of coffees

3- Does the Barista grind your coffee to order (can you hear the grinder working), or do they just take it from a pre-ground source? The taste of the coffee changes after as little as 20 minutes from being ground, so if its just sat there waiting for the next customer its not fresh. Ground to order

4- Does the coffee have a good crema (only for espresso, crema is the reddish-brown dark foam on the coffee). You have to view this before they add milk so difficult to do in most places because they hide what they are doing by putting the machine between you and them. Good crema

5- If the drink is a latte, do they perform latte art with the milk even on a takeaway? Any Barista who has been properly trained will be able to perform latte art. Trained baristas

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