Coffee Menu-Now We’re Talking!

You may already know that we have always planned to have a variety of filters to choose from, and just like you would have a wine list, we’re going to be having a coffee list starting next week. The coffee will have been roasted on Monday and shipped out to us ready to use on Tuesday.

For those of you who are like us and are complete geeks when it comes to coffee, here’s some info on the choices we shall have;

The Kenya AA is a bright lively coffee with a medium body. Great for filter coffees. AA stands for the highest grade of the Kenyan coffees available.

Indian Monsoon Malabar is a high quality Arabica coffee which has been exposed to the monsoon winds for 6 weeks. This makes the green beans swell and turn pale in colour. Wonderful aftertaste, great long body and very unique flavours.

The Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah is the birth place of Arabica coffee. It is called Mocha as the coffee has chocolate notes similar to a Caffe Mocha. Caffe Mocha is actually called after this coffee from Ethiopia. Grown in the east side by a country with a real coffee history. Medium bodied, chocolaty coffee with a wonderful aroma.

We shall still have our Panama Filter for those who want it, but it is a limited filter and when it’s gone-it’s gone!!

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