Coffee Cupping!!

Now this may sound rather bizarre, but it’s actually very much like wine tasting but with coffee. There’s quite a lot of science behind a good cup of coffee, but we won’t bore you with that side of things just yet…!

Last night we held an event for the Institute of Directors, where they got to have a go at a bit of coffee cupping themselves. We had three different filters for them to try and they had to guess which one was which.

Our very own trainer Youri came down from Halifax to take the session and explain just how you can work out which coffee is which-whether you are looking for floral, aromatic smells from the Ethiopian Mocha, or a ‘dark’ smell from the Monsoon Malabar.

It all starts off with the exact right amount of freshly ground coffee in a ‘Cupping’ Cup (rather like a small bowl) which then has a specific amount of not-quite boiling water added to it. It is then left for 3-4 minutes in order for a crust of the filter to form on top.

You then take a deep spoon and push the crust away and get your nose right up close in order to really inhale the amazing smells! After you have done this, you remove the rest of the crust, and then take a spoon full of the coffee underneath and take a big slurp, making sure you swoosh it all around your mouth to get the full taste of it!

We’re looking to host another coffee cupping event in February, so if you’re interested, get in contact!!

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