Naked portafilter

Warning this post contains coffee geek stuff

We are quite excited because we have just ordered a Naked portafilter for our La Spaziale espresso machine. Your probably asking what the hell is a portafilter never mind a naked one. Well the portafilter is the handle with the basket at the end that we put the coffee in then clip into the espresso machine.

Normally a portafilter has one or two spouts that the extracted coffee flows down and into the cup, a naked portafilter has no spouts and no bottom so the coffee just drops straight out of the basket.  This is good because?

Well a Naked Portafilter allows the barista to view any problems that may be present during the espresso extraction. Ideally, there will be a uniform extraction through the entire coffee puck. The use of a naked portafilter will immediately show if there are any spots that are over or under extracting. The barista can then modify their technique or possibly their tamper to achieve a better extraction.

The real benefit is for you the customer who will get a better coffee because we can diagnose any potential issues much easier with this. It also looks really cool.

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