Watery Coffee – We are sorry

We are keen to get feedback from our customers because we want to make you happy and get things right – simplez.

We had some feedback that some of the coffee’s we had loveingly prepared were a bit watery.

Well that’s just rubbish!

We found we had a problem with our coffee machine – it was over filling its boiler which we think was causing the problem. So while we are still waiting to get this fixed (apparently Italy closes in August so you can’t get spares – who would have thought) we bought a great new machine.

We have bought a LaSpaziale S5 Compact (pictured) – these are highly regarded machines and used by some of the leading Baristas.

So if you experienced a bad coffee please give us a second chance. If you drop us an email at happycustomers@urbancoffee.co.uk and tell us about your experience then we will send you a free coffee voucher.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP