Urban Espresso

Our espresso coffee is a blend of 100% Arabica beans from 4 different farms.

Brazillian Daterra farm, this farm is world wide known for its excellent science in the growing and processing of coffee. Coffee from the Daterra farm comes shipped in vacuum boxes. The Daterra coffee is the base for the blend which accounts for the great body and sweetness.

We then add top grade coffee from Honduras La Centrale and Costa Rico Tres Rio. These are both the highest grade coffees available. Finally we add some delicious aged coffee from India. This is the India Monsoon Malabar AA and has been exposed to the monsoon winds for about 6 weeks. It gives the coffee a unique aroma and fantastic aftertaste. It also adds to the long lasting crema and body of the coffee. Finally it gives the coffee a low acidity which it is so well known for and hints of caramel. India monsoon malabar comes from the south west region and looks pale before roasting.

The coffee is then carefully roasted in a small traditional drum roaster. The drum roaster is connected to a highly advanced computer system which controls many aspects during the roast such as gas input and temperatures. The roaster is also watching and overlooking the roast to ensure the best quality roast is obtained. We aim for consistency in the roast and you can taste this all year round.

The Urban Coffee Espresso is a fantastic blend, great as a ristretto or espresso and delicious with milk.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP