Books glorious books

We wanted Urban Coffee to be a bit of an oasis, a place to relax during the working day. So what better way than a bit of escapism in a book.

We created our very own book club, starting with a whole load of donated books and the pile or piles now just keep growing.

Rules of book club:

1- You don’t talk about book club
2- If you take a book you should leave a book

Then the team from bookcrossing asked if they could make this a bookcrossing point and we said of course – what’s bookcrossing?

Well “BookCrossing is earth-friendly, and gives you a way to share your books, clear your shelves, and conserve precious resources at the same time. Through our own unique method of recycling reads, BookCrossers give life to books. A book registered on BookCrossing is ready for adventure. Track the book’s journey around the world as it is passed on from person to person.”

So your book goes off on a journey and you can track where it is on the Internet – genius.

So if you have books you don’t want or fancy a new book then pop in and grab one, but remember don’t talk about book club!

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