What are you filtering

This month we have a Sumatra Lintong single estate bean in our single cup filters. If you like your coffee you will love our filters.

Our filter coffee is a single estate, single origin coffee. That means it’s not a blend mixed with any other beans from any other estate or country. It also means there are no low quality beans added to make up the weight. The result is a high quality coffee.

Madam Popa is our eminent coffee grower in Sumatra and when we asked her to select the very best from the first harvest of 2008/09, we certainly were not disappointed.
The result is a coffee with a soft acid that is hidden inside the very heart of the coffee, surrounded by a rich body that instead of attacking, creeps up your mouth and attaches itself to the palate. There is also a spicy fruit flavour to the coffee.


The coffee is grown in loamy soil on small plateaux’s at 1500-1800 meters of the family farm in northern Sumatra. This is a relatively small region located southwest of Lake Toba in the district of Lintong Ni Huta.

The coffee sits directly in the sun without the shadow of trees and is grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers.

Coffee from Lintong has a very special character, how much of that is from the soil and climate and how much is from the special harvesting processes is uncertain.; but clearly this has created an amazing coffee-often a very uneven coffee, but always interesting.

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