Try our coffee now

Some people can’t wait for us to open in August so we thought we would let you sample our coffee in your own homes.

Try these two out:

Kenya – AA
This coffee comes from the M’Bura Farm in Kenya. In recent years there has been an overall decline in the availability of such high quality.

We are particularly delighted with the intensity and flavour of the M’Bura Farm coffee. Everything you would hope for in a Kenya and more! Acidity, fruit, brightness; it is simply delicious!

Indian Monsooned Coffee
This coffee uses the finest dry processed Arabicas from Chikmagalur, transporting them to the Monsooning patios of the port of Mangalore and letting the warm moist air from the Indian Ocean blow through the coffee for six weeks. During this time the coffee becomes mellow, sweet with hints of caramel, the signatures of an exceptional Monsooned coffee. Once the coffee beans are ready they are dried, hulled, packing into sacks and sent direct to our roastery where we roast them slowly to perfection.

Our Coffee is supplied in 250gram sealed foil bags and can be provided as Coffee Beans, or Ground (at no extra cost) for use in either a Cafetiere or Filter.

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