The drama of coffee

One thing we want is the drama of making coffee so what better than a Brezzera espresso machine.

The history of espresso coffee starts in 1901. An Italian named Luigi Bezzera, an owner of a manufacturing company in Milan, sought out a way to reduce the coffee break times of his employees.Bezzera had the idea to introduce pressure to the coffee brewing process, reducing the time needed to brew. He called his new machine the “Fast Coffee Machine”. Espresso means “fast” in Italian.

We have bought a Bezzera Eagle brass espresso coffee machine (2 group) that will need a lot of polishing, but boy does it look good.

This machine looks like no other and really sets us aside from the other high street coffee outlets. At the moment the trend in places like Starbucks is to use bean to cup machines which means your staff no longer need any skill, it’s all in the initial setup of the machine. We feel this is getting further away from the drama, skill and art of making coffee hence we purchased the Eagle.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP