Are the banks lending – Contd?

Lloyds – No
Barclays – Maybe but service is terrible

Well after 6 phone calls and a visit to a branch HSBC said they are not lending to retail food and drink businesses. Lloyds said send us a business plan and we will review it, that was 3 weeks ago and no acknowledgement they have received it and they don’t return our calls.

So Barclays was recommended and on the initial visit to the branch they were very professional and helpful. I was even given a business card of the business manager who would see me with their actual phone number on (wow). Anyway I turned up yesterday for the scheduled meeting to be told that she was off ill and would I like to re-schedule, not sorry we didn’t call you to let you know or sorry she is ill but x will see you instead. I declined an alternative meeting because if they can’t get the basics right what chance do they have with the rest of it.

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