Which bank?

We are looking for a business bank account for the Urban Coffee Company. So I did a bit of Internet research on what’s out there. If your looking for a business loan from any bank you will need a business account with them first.

Here is an overview of my findings:


Account Name

Free Banking



Business Current Account

18 months

Free credit card for 12-months, Free google adds voucher worth £75

Co-Operative Bank

Business DirectPlus

18 months

every month you can deposit up to 100 cheques and £4,000 cash and write up to 30 cheques all free of charge


24 months

Lloyds TSB

Business Extra

18 months

They are all very similar in terms of charges in the first 18-24 months but it looks like the Co-Operative is probably the cheapest over the long term. Speaking to other people it sounds like HSBC or the Co-op get the most personal recommendations from other entrepreneurs.

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