Meeting with the Marketeers

Now we have the name “Urban Coffee Company” it’s time to start looking at logo’s, colour schemes, stationary and brand styles.

I met Clare at a networking event in Birmingham a few months back and have already used her to help on one of my other businesses so she was my obvious choice. Clare runs a company called Monkhouse Marketing based near Shrewsbury and has lots of experience working with food and drink companies and so is a huge asset.

We sat down over coffee (of course) to discuss what vision Amir and I have for the brand; now that sounds easier than it is. It’s one thing to visualise the brand but it’s another to try and put that into words so someone can generate a brief for a designer.

We started with the colour and helpfully Clare brought a Pantone book to help with colour picking. When you think of coffee you think of browns and most of the high street coffee brands are earth colours like brown or green.

We have Urban in our name and for me that provokes concrete type colours, so we have the coffee which is brown and the urban which is grey. Both quite dull colours on their own and very boring so really need something else to give it a little bit of modern and contemporary.

Blue is often used by legal, accountants and business service companies because its cool and safe, so that’s not us. So we looked at a subtle pink colour to go with the brown or grey. Anyway, Clare is off to come up with some logo options to get us started.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP