Filter vs Espresso

Today if you walk into a high street coffee shop you will be offered espresso. Well there is an alternative it’s non-espresso.

Compared to espresso, regular coffee is brewed at a lower temperature for a longer time, uses more water and requires beans to be more coarsely ground. One method of non-espresson is filter coffee which is made by slowly allowing very hot water to pass through a paper filter filled with ground coffee beans. An espresso, on the other hand, is made using percolation: water is pressurised through a pump, then heated and passed quickly through the ground coffee.

At the Urban Coffee Company we intend to major on filter coffees as we believe this is the traditional method that produces a superior cup. Here is my first experiment using a home grinder, porcelain filter and organic Bolivian beans. – Great cup of coffee even if I do say so.

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