A name by any other name would smell as sweet

What do you call your coffee company, that was the question?

Here is a selection from the 110 name long list we had:

The coffee company, Espresso-Ism, Roasters, Caffeination, Blend & roast, The daily grind, coffee traders, Freshly Roasted, The Coffee Trust, Authentic Bean, the real bean.

We short listed these down to 9 and used facebook, twitter and email to get people’s opinions.

We then took the top two from this survey; “The Coffee Loft” and “Urban Coffee Company” and re-surveyed.

So the results of the survey came back saying that the general public preferred “The Coffee Loft”. But the story does not end there.

We spoke to an industry expert who has run a chain of coffee shops and now has a coffee importer and distributor business, he said

“I have voted for Urban Coffee Company. I think it shouts out quality coffee in a relaxed atmosphere where you could really go for a great coffee and a chill out from the hard work.”

Both Amir and I preferred Urban Coffee Company. So going slightly against the public vote and with a view for a name that can become a brand rather than a name for a single outlet we decided upon “Urban Coffee Company

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP